AREAS / Mineral Salts

Citrate-based alkaline salts have high bioavailability (salt capacity being absorbed and used by the body) and a high degree of tolerability, resulting in the most beneficial and useful salts for the body.

Below, we present a range of salts allocated by needs and convenience:

• water-soluble sachets; 

• swallowable tablets;

• rapid release formulations;

• slow-release formulations;

potassium and magnesium salts;

• potassium salts;

• calcium salts;

• salts that combine potassium, calcium and magnesium (in the studied form, namely, by separating calcium from magnesium: few know that the two aforementioned salts should be taken separately to avoid intestinal competitiveness for receptors;  formulations containing many mixed elements must be avoided, which the market considers, instead, to be positive).

The need for mineral salts can increase for several reasons:

  • sport activity;

  • heavy work activities;

  • high sweating from high external temperatures;

  • kidney stones (whose prevention includes the addition of alkaline salts of potassium and magnesium as the first weapon);

  • intestinal loss due to diarrhea or bad absorption;

  • metabolism disorders;

  • eating disorders (an anorexic person enters a marked state of systemic acidosis, both for fasting and because of the continuous loss of potassium ions with induced emesis).