Biohealth Italia was born in 1999 with the aim of developing the concept of Evolved Mineral Integration. Over the years, it perfected and developed the concept of food supplement by paying particular attention to:

  • source of raw materials. Preference is always given to suppliers who can certify the origin of active ingredients, to raw materials prepared and extracted in Italy or in a countries certified through rigorous checks;

  • selection of raw materials that guarantee the best bioavailability and, at the same time, absence of side effects. That is who the first (and, at the moment, only) potassium and magnesium citrate tribasic was markets; it offers the highest percentage of release of the active ingredient;

  • composition of own products. Researching and developing patents and formulations that can offer the widest and yet most detailed vision of wellness;

  • search of innovative pharmaceutical forms through which to convey company preparation. That is how the first and (and, at present, only) slow-release food supplements with the highest concentration of potassium and magnesium, are able to guarantee effective 24-hr coverage, with only two daily doses.



Research, development and design are equally integrated to achieve a result that:

  • can create and maintain the wellness of those who use our products;

  • can help clarify and resolve certain diseases through innovative diagnostic systems such as Lithocenter (metabolic screening on 24-hr urine to define the lithogenic risk profile);

  • constant and personalized telephone and electronic support with specialists answering users’ questions;

  • subjective management of the most delicate cases with targeted actions and discounts.



Along with the development of the price list, the Company also aims to support the well-being of its employees through:

  • indefinite hiring of internal and external personnel;

  • hire women, to the point that women comprise 80% of the company’s total work force;

  • manage and regulate relationships with and among employees with utmost transparency, where, to the extent possible, decision-making is also shared.

The fortune of the Italy project, has prompted the company's top managers to re-launch the model in other European countries, thus ensuring the dissemination of the brand and, above all, of the company’s base principles.